Nutrient Control Systems

Offering innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture and industry.

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Dedicated technology for processing livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents.

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Innovative Solutions

NCS is here to turn manure and residual waste problems into a success story.  See our customer’s stories!

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Offering innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture and industry.


NCS pumps have a double chopping system and are designed for the processing of difficult, high solids waste streams.


This equipment is fit for solid-liquid separation for agriculture, industry and sewage systems.


These submersible mixers are recommended for mixing and homogenizing a variety of waste streams, slurries and sludge.

Hygienizing Biocell

Innovative livestock farming system.  Transform slurry into comfortable and hygienic bedding.


Here at NCS, we provide a complete engineered system to process your livestock slurry or biogas effluents to create a sustainable solution. We offer a complete line of pumps, mixers and separators.

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At NCS, we provide state-of-the-art technology for your wastewater treatment plants. We carry a superior line of pumps, mixers, separators and centrifuges to handle any capacity of waste water and sludge.

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Industry depends on the ability to mix and pump products and waste streams. NCS has the products to do all of this and more, with pumps/mixers, macerators, and dewatering equipment.

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NCS Centrifuge by Hutchison Hayes

NCS has the design expertise and complete equipment package needed for an effective centrifuge system.

Roller Press

A highly reliable and efficient machine for both thickening and dewatering applications for a variety of effluents.

Tapered Screw Press

For maximum output dryness levels, features a perforated screen-lined & tapered compression barrel, which contains a tapered screw auger

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